About Justin Micheal – The Author Of Reef Jar

Hello, fellow reef enthusiast! I’m Justin, and I’m thrilled to share a bit about my saltwater reef-keeping journey. My love for aquariums spans a lifetime, with a particular focus on saltwater tanks since 2007.

My marine tank journey began with a mix of enthusiasm and improvisation. My first tank featured a stand crafted from an old microwave stand and an overflow box made from a repurposed plastic container. Despite these modest beginnings, my passion and dedication turned that setup into a thriving marine habitat with soft corals, including zoanthids, mushroom corals, hammer coral, and GSP.

Over the years, I’ve navigated the world of reef keeping, from managing large tanks to embracing the simplicity and beauty of Pico Reef tanks (You can find my Reef Jar YouTube Channel here to see my latest Pico Reef.). My love for these smaller setups stems from their ease of maintenance and the unique challenge they present, offering all the wonder of the ocean in a compact, manageable space.

I must note that Brandon429 (9 year old 1 gallon pico reef) and MaRitZa The Vase Reef (MaRitZa On Facebook) have both been a wealth of information and inspiration in my journey.

My journey has been filled with remarkable successes and learning experiences, thanks to them. I’ve celebrated the vibrant growth of corals and mourned their losses to pests and diseases or the occasional mishap with water changes. But, each setback has been a stepping stone, teaching me resilience and deepening my understanding of this delicate ecosystem.

A profound love for the ocean is at the core of my reef-keeping adventure. There’s something magical about recreating a slice of this vast, mysterious world in my home, fostering a connection to nature that is both intimate and grand.

Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or just beginning to dip your toes into the waters of reef keeping, I’m here to share insights, guidance, and the joy of caring for your reef tank. Together, we can navigate the ebb and flow of this rewarding hobby, celebrating the triumphs and learning from the challenges.

To get started, I recommend visiting my Pico Reef Guide for a comprehensive introduction to setting up and maintaining your own Pico Reef tank. This guide provides instructions, practical tips, and insights to help you create a thriving mini-reef.