Types Of Invertebrates

Invertebrates do much more than enhance the beauty of your tank. They are essential in helping with waste decomposition and keeping algae at bay. They might not always be in the spotlight, but their role is fundamental in helping keep your tank healthy.

Here, you’ll find care guides for marine invertebrate species, with insights into their individual requirements and cautionary advice.

types of invertebrates

What Type Of Invertebrate Is Best For Your Saltwater Reef Tank?

Most invertebrates are quite manageable regarding care requirements, making them great choices for beginners and advanced reef keepers.

Whether you’re on the hunt for natural clean-up crew members like shrimp and snails or drawn to the decorative flair of starfish and anemones, there’s usually a species that can adapt to your unique setup. Consider the hardworking hermit crabs that tirelessly clean up food remnants, or let yourself be captivated by the movements of feather duster worms.

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