Anemones can bring a ton of life and color to your reef tank, even without the classic anemone and clown fish combination. My first long tentacle anemone was amazing at first, but I quickly realized the stinging challenges of keeping them.

Knowing which types of anemones suit your tank is about matching their requirements with your ability to provide for them without harming the rest of your system’s inhabitants.

types of anemones

Which Anemone Is Right For You?

If you’re new to the hobby, starting with a hardy and less demanding species like a rose bubble tip might be best. On the other hand, experienced keepers might enjoy the challenge of a larger, more demanding specimen. Conversely, I’ll also touch on those like Aiptasia and Majano—an unwelcome pair of reef tank hitchhikers for most aquarists.

In the following care guides, I’ll walk you through various anemones that can either enhance or challenge your reef tank.