LPS Corals

Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals are a mainstay in reef tanks, admired for their vivid colors and dynamic structures. These corals share a few commonalities—calcium carbonate skeletons and fleshy polyps, and because of that, they have a slower growth rate than small polyp stony (SPS) corals.

You’ll notice they’re all quite different. For example, Torch Corals sway with the water flow with their tentacle-like polyps, while Brain Corals are stationary with maze patterns. The diversity of LPS is incredible!

types of lps corals

Which LPS Coral Is Right For Your Tank?

I’ll walk through various LPS corals commonly hosted in home reef tanks. For beginners, starting with hardier species like Duncan or Candy Cane Corals might be wise since they’re forgiving and easier to care for. If you have experience and can provide stable conditions, more demanding types like Sun Corals could reward you with their nocturnal blooms.

The following guides overview these popular LPS corals, emphasizing care requirements and tank conditions.