Hitchhikers are stowaways that arrive with live rock or new corals and can vary from beneficial reef tank helpers to nasty pests.

This section provides guides on these plants and critters, providing valuable insights into their lifestyles, benefits, and risks. Each has its role within your reef tank, whether aerating the substrate, controlling algae, or even preying on other pests.

reef tank hitchhikers

Who Are These Uninvited Guests?

Learn about common hitchhikers like the Asterina starfish, which may be munching on your corals. Or amphipods and copepods that serve as natural cleaners and food sources for your saltwater fish.

Are you dealing with the rapid spread of algae or trying to decide if that mysterious crab is reef-safe? My guides will help you identify which hitchhikers are safe to keep and which may require careful management or removal.

See my collection of reef tank hitchhiker guides below to identify and better understand your aquarium’s uninvited guests.