Soft Corals

Soft corals offer both beauty and functional benefits. While they generally share traits like resilience and a softer texture, each species has unique care needs and risks to be aware of.

This overview aims to help you find soft corals that fit your saltwater aquarium’s environment and improve its diversity and appeal.

types of soft corals

Choosing The Right Soft Corals

When selecting soft corals, you’ll need to consider your tank’s conditions, lighting, flow, and space. I also recommend having a solid filtration setup for when these corals shed or expel toxins against other corals competing for space.

Pulsing Xenia suits moderate flows, adding dynamic movement, but can grow out of control quickly. Toadstools or Finger Leather are excellent for larger spaces, growing into miniature trees with striking features. Star Polyps and Clove Polyps provide color and coverage for smaller tanks without overcrowding vertical space.

In these guides, you’ll find common soft coral species and their detailed care requirements.