Clean-Up Crews

No matter the size of your system, a robust clean-up crew is the backbone of a thriving saltwater reef tank.

They play a pivotal role in managing algae, breaking down detritus, and removing uneaten food, which is essential for keeping your water quality pristine and your tank inhabitants healthy.

On this page, you’ll find my detailed care guides for various clean-up crew members, filled with personal insights and tips to help you understand their needs and benefits.

clean-up crew

What Kind Of Clean-Up Crew Is Right For You?

These tiny reef janitors are typically easy to care for, making them perfect for beginners and hobby experts.

Whether your tank needs a squad of algae-eating snails or detritus-hunting shrimp, I’ve covered the best options, each chosen for their specific talents in tank maintenance.

Browse the guides below to deepen your understanding and make informed choices about your clean-up crew!